Can anyone recommend good software for doing the user tests?

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Hi all, me again... 1001 questions. Can anyone recommend good software for doing the user tests? I want to record the screen but also the user and what he's saying, preferably all at once (and if possible also streaming this to another room for the team, but recording it for later, because not the full team can join...). How do you usually do it? & Google Hangouts

We use a combination of and Google Hangouts. On Lookback site they have some pretty good articles / directions on how to do the setup.

Google Hangouts

I used a ghetto setup because we are poor. A laptop with the prototype that is connected to an external mic and another cellphone recording the interaction for both the tester and candidate. The laptop would be have a screen recording (quicktime) and also be sharing it via Google Hangouts to another room. The other room will have their mics muted. Because this is a multi-cam setup, I get the user to do a clap as a slate to sync up the audio in the editing later. The clap turns out to be a good ice breaker for the user to get a little more comfortable.

When remote, we give full control of the screen in It's been pretty stable and haven't had problems with it.


At GV we always used Go2Meeting for remote studies because it was pretty reliable and pretty easy for remote participants to dial into.

Google Meet

Google Meet has a build in recording option that we’ve used in our last sprint, worked well, but we only recorded screen and audio.

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