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How we Help One Another

The Design Sprint community exists to support, encourage, and grow people who want to facilitate design sprints to solve big problems. We make facilitating less intimidating by sharing stories and offering advice and feedback. This group is important because changing work processes at your company is really hard, especially if you’re the only proponent. The members of this group will gain confidence and inspiration by being involved with one another. We are able to support facilitators before, during and after each Design Sprint.  


Run your first Design Sprint with Support & Encouragement

Before running her first Design Sprint, Swetha asked questions to the community. She asked “How can I best break up the sprint without losing momentum?” “What’s the best way to setup the chairs and tables in the room?” “Are there any tips for Asking the Experts remotely?” “Does anyone do any pre-interviewing?” and “Has anyone tried the new Storyboarding method AJSmart shared?” After that, she had enough confidence to run her first Design Sprint successfully and plans to run more.

Get Tactical Advice During a Design Sprint

Four community members helped Annie figure out how to design her prototype. The tactical user interface questions turned into a higher-level discussion about if all 15 columns were necessary. The discussion helped her finish her prototype, and also realize that she was over-designing. Annie realized she could simplify by figuring out what users were trying to do and if those 15 columns were all actually necessary.



Take your Design Sprint Practice to the Next Level

Our community includes many experienced facilitators (like Justin) who share advanced tactics and techniques. In this conversation, we discussed how to scale Design Sprints and use them on a variety of projects at the same time.

Other reasons to join

★ Talk with design sprint experts and enthusiasts from around the world

Build confidence for your first sprints

Find answers to tough questions

Open and honest discussions about teaching, scaling, and selling design sprints

Get ideas for everything from prototyping techniques to organizational impact to convincing your boss 

★ It's all on Slack 👍

Community Guidelines


We expect our members to treat each other with respect, and recognize that everyone is at a different stage in their careers and experience. Our values help fulfill the community’s ultimate promise by being encouraging and helpful.

For someone who hasn’t run a Design Sprint, success is feeling confident enough to run their first Design Sprint. For regular Design Sprint facilitators, success means that they are able to share their insights and get additional help to grow. For the community as a whole, success is members questions being answered, and regular reports from the front-line of sprint facilitators.











We are a community that wants to spend our time well and help one another do the same.

  • The biggest challenges require less time, not more

  • Individuals produce better solutions than teams

  • You can test anything in one week by building a realistic façade.


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